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Factory and Production Progress


updates from our Factory

We are proud to announce that our Lamp Synthesis of our Dao High Speed Model 703 just passed the ARAI regulatory testing and certification. This is a critical milestone to release our flagship Model 703 on time. With this certification, we are ready to take pre- booking from our customers. In parallel, our battery homologation will start by end of February 2021 and the vehicle units are expected to go into testing by mid of March 2021. Estimated, final homologation to be completed by end of April 2021 and deliveries to be honuored for pre booked customers and dealers soon after.(need certification picture)

Assembly Line

Dao is always seeking the best equipment and tools internationally. Recently, our 25-meter assembly line has been procured and shipped to India and this will be installed in the next two weeks. It will give us the best design of process, easy deployment of labor and also expansion capabilities for the future


for LFP battery manufacturing

Dao commits to a long term development for India from day one and to honor that we are further investing on setting up our battery manufacturing and delivering capabilities. We truly believe that our well tested and proven ThermoSafe LFP lithium battery manufacturing is critical for Dao’s quality and sustainable supply of products. In collaboration with our battery partner in China, Dao purchased the newest equipment for battery testing which is expected to arrive at our factory by end of March 2021. We intend to start supply and testing battery before sending our products to our customers.

Some of the Key Strengths of our Battery Testing Equipment are:

High-precision calibration method. Agilent calibrates all the charging current, discharging current, charging voltage and discharging voltage with high precision to ensure that the accuracy of current and voltage is within 0.5‰

Excellent heat dissipation performance, unique air duct design, forced air cooling to reduce the impact of high temperatures on equipment performance

The power supply is independent to ensure that the output of the circuit is uniform during the working process of the power supply without protection problems


Our Vehicles have wider Tyre in our all models, generally it gives better lateral grip and looks sportier.

Wider tyre tends to mean more effective braking performance as there is more rubber in contact with the road and can give more grip when accelerating, meaning has less likelihood of wheelspin. This is accomplished with increase in surface area, which in turn absorbs more shock and road vibrations. Also wider tyres will hold a better line when riding in the rain and eliminating skipping. A wider tire may also help transfer the power, it is leads to increase acceleration and braking as well as greater stability at higher speeds. Additionally a wider tire marginally reduces the stress of the rider in holding the bike during minimal of zero motion. Considering above benefit for customer, we have provided the wider tyre to our product, since there are minimum source available in India to develop wider tyre 100/80 12’’.

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