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Dao Zor Faq

01. What is difference between your delivery vehicles with traditional EV

Compared to the generic EV , our delivery model hasthe following special features: (we can refer back to  xin  delivery model video)

  1. Unique design for load-bearing, with a pay load of 225 kg
  2. Lower vehicle center of gravity required for load balancing
  3. More durable chassis and body materials, mainly iron frame, to avoid bumping damage and easy maintenance
  4. Durable foot holder for the heavy load and frequent hold and lift up
  5. Specially adjustable double rear shock absorbers designed with reinforced damping
  6. Special purpose designed controller for smooth acceleration and higher altitude climbing power
  7. The disc brakes with dual-cylinder brake pumps make the brakes more sensitive and durable, and the service life twice that of ordinary brakes
  8. Multifunctional rear seat can be switched to shelf to carry load depending on need.
  9. Wide abrasion-resistant, grip and strong vacuum steel wire tires
  10. Ultra-wide footrest design for more strength.
  11. Battery swap service for long-distance driving

02. Being a manufacturer , why do you see the need to enter the fleet management business? How does this help the Delivery partners or Dao Zor 3PL Franchisees?

Dao is a customer driven company, we are constantly talking and listening to customers to see how we can server them better. We have been seeing a lot of ecommerce and 3 PL struggling to shift over to EV as per government requirement. They lack deep understanding of EV and doesn’t have any internal resources to design, customize EV for their EV needs. In the meanwhile, they are also struggling to recruit enough delivery boys to handle growing delivery needs, especially after Convid-19. Their HR manager has to work twice as hard to recruit, dispatch, manage delivery boys every day. We further analyze special requirements from customers such as strong foot holders and side stand, these may be small but are an important feature in the delivery business. Our global engineers take those requirements and customize in order to develop last mile delivery EV for the consumer.

Dao is a smart manufacturer born in the Internet era with over 20 years experience from its parent company and its foundations on software development, using technology to tackle daily business demands of big data analytics. We deploy a global team consisting of hardware engineers who are experts on GPS tracking devices, IOT technology and software development

who can handle the mission critical big data analysis and tracking. Our business analysts have been working with financial managers to develop the unique and transparent business operation models to best serve our customers.

Furthermore, Dao is working closely and seamlessly with one of leading logistic route planning and optimization Company in India to embed with their advanced, proven technology to best serve e-commerce and logistics companies and partners.

Dao is recruiting professional teams for daily management of delivery boys and provide smooth operations for our fleet investors. When there are lesser stake holders there is more control and consistency and that is what Dao is offering to its partners. Dao is EV manufacture with technology capabilities, focused on delivering the best solutions to customers in the delivery industry.

03. What is your business model, how could I make money from it

Compare with some of our competitors in this industry, Dao commits in providing

  • Transparency : once the fleet owner purchases the vehicle and lets us run operations, we need to keep everything transparent, we are only agents to help you operate your assets. You can control: Any rider you want to select for your vehicle. We provide thorough back checking, the same level of service, which is common practice, now from Fintech companies. You know to whom your vehicle and associate riders are working for and how many orders they take at any given time and how much money you can make each day.
  • Best asset protection practice: With strong financial and technology background, we give our customers  the best protection for the vehicle through thorough rider background checks, real time distance deviation, alerts, remote vehicle locking and fast pick up to prevent any further damages
  • Professional running

04. What is your plan to roll it out and where

Currently we are rolling out our operations toHyderabad, Pune and Chennai only. Further to that, we will roll-out Pan India

05.Do you have any financial support program :

Yes,we are working with a group of well established NBFC and bank to introduce the best financial products in the industry

06.What is minimum order volume?

30 vehicles to start with that @ 20 lacs which includes vehicle acquisition, dashcam, Telematic device, insurance

07.Why is 3PL Franchisee a good investment and what is the future potential for the Delivery Business?

  1. India’s population and urbanization
  2. Covid 19 pushes for more purchases online and more people working from home, consumer behavior has been changed for good
  3. Government requirement to EV
  4. IOT telematic

01. What is real time GPS telematic tracking and what it can be used for?

Real-time fleet tracking collects vehicle data, like location, health and rider performance. Dao ZOR’s system uses these telematics data to help increase productivity and efficiency in your entire fleet.

It will further provide scalable vehicle tracking using GPS tracking devices that updates vehicle locations as often as every 30 seconds.

Each ping from the GPS tracker also includes in-depth information about the vehicle diagnostic systems or any additional sensors connected to the tracking unit.

The vehicle location updates occur often enough that fleet managers can be alerted as soon as something out of the ordinary happens, yet still see a clear breadcrumb trail of your vehicle and asset location.

Ournear real-time / live GPS telematic tracking system and alerts help you see unwanted rider behaviors, like deviation, speeding, excessive idle time or entering forbidden locations (geofencing). Near real-time GPS fleet tracking software gives you an extra set of eyes on your vehicle, so that you can better manage your time.

Real-time alerts include deviation activity, idling, geofence, harsh driving, late start, sensor activation, speeding etc.. Alerts can be configured within any Android and Apple iOS mobile apps.

02.What is Vehicle/ Fleet tracking?

Fleet tracking is a management system that uses GPS to monitor the activity of tracked vehicles and riders. It is often referred to as vehicle tracking or AVL.

Fleet tracking uses telematics technology to collect data from a fleet of assets. This data is normally collected in near real time (actively) so it is more useful for fleet managers, who use the data to make strategic decisions about operations (which vehicle should I dispatch to a new job, where is the nearest vehicle, how many kilometers can the vehicle run given theremaining battery power.

03. What’s an immobiliser?

On EV, through GPS telematic tracking device, user/owner can lock up the operations vehicle electronic components, mainly motor, controller and battery remotely, making it harder to start a vehicle without additional security like new scan code or QR scanner. The Dao ZORImmobilisation feature allows you to remotely disable a vehicle through our management platform.

04. What are the benefits of Immobilisation?

It allows you to mitigate unauthorized vehicle use by riders and help aid in recovery should a vehicle be stolen.

05. Will the vehicle be shut down while it is in motion?

You can send the command to immobilise the vehicle while it is in motion, however, the vehicle will not be immobilised until the speed allowed to protect anyone’s safety has been brought to a stand still.

06.Can I use Immobilisation feature on my mobile device?

Yes, you can activate Immobilisation through the Dao ZOR app.

07.What is route planning and optimization

Route optimization is the process of determining the most cost-efficient route. It’s more complex than simply finding the shortest path between two points. It needs to include all relevant factors, such as the number and location of all the required drops on the route, as well as time windows for deliveries.

Other factors are:

  • Number of turns or intersections along the route
  • Left-hand turns (crossing the line of traffic)
    • Best or nearest rider to dispatch to the route
    • Traffic congestion for the current time of day
    • Best approach (access) to a stop on the route

    The different route options can quickly add up. With just one vehicle and 10 stops, the number of possibilities is 3,628,800. But if you have a fleet of five vehicles, that number jumps to a whopping 37,267,043,023,296,000. This is why route optimization is mostly performed by computer algorithms and advanced heuristics that can quickly narrow down the options.

    Route-planning software can quickly test multiple what-if scenarios to help fleets review the costs of different route options and resource availability

08. What is a Geofence?

A geofence is a virtual fence or perimeter around a physical location. Like a real fence, a geofence creates a separation between that location and the area around it. Unlike a real fence, it can also detect movement inside the virtual boundary.  It can be any size or shape, even a straight line between two points.

Geofences are created using mapping software, which allow the user to draw the geofence over the desired geographic area. It is made up of a collection of coordinates (i.e., latitude and longitude) or in the case of a circular geofence one point that forms the center.

09. Will I be checking reports at my desk all day?

Only if you want to. Dao ZOR vehicle tracking system offers plenty of options for managers on the go including mobile apps and alerts that go directly to your phone. You’ll have quick access to a range of key information about your fleet’s current performance, wherever your day takes you.

10. Will I need expensive computer hardware?

No. The great thing with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is that all you need is a computer that can connect to the internet running a modern browser.

You can even use just your Android or Apple device to access key information about your fleet vehicles and today’s jobs.

11. How is Dao ZOR GPS telematic vehicle/fleet tracking software different from other providers?

Dao is one of the few providers that can provide you with a full end-to-end platform solution that covers your mobile resource management needs now, and into the future with its own industry tailor made vehicles.


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