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Dao is looking at tapping into the biggest opportunity for EV penetration – the Last Mile Delivery. Lead by Delhi City Government, EV is becoming mandatory for cities delivery sector. The norm is to have 50% of delivery vehicles switched to EV by 2023 and 100% conversion by 2025.

Our global engineers developed our new delivery model, the Dao Zor405 with the goal to MAKE HARD WORK SIMPLE. Essentially through its tough & reliable quality and smart, convenient features the ZOR405 marks a new era in the delievry sector.

As IT enabled smart manufacturer, DAO elevates the bar and creates a revolution in the Last Mile delivery sector through a unique ecosystem and delivery solution. We will enable potential investors to get into Third-Party Logistics (3PL) and access the benefits of the fast growing Last Mile delivery industry engaging new migrants into the city to easily leverage their labor power for the sector.

Here are a few new developments that just happened in the delievry business sector:

Tier 1 Global leaders in E-commerce industry such as Amazon India plans to use electric vehicles for last mile delivery in 2021. Amazon is in talks with EV manufacturers to procure customized delivery vehicles. We are excited to report that Dao had a very successful meeting on Tuesday, February 9th with Mr. Prashanth,4 State Head South, LMV Central at Amazon India. Amazon has the potential to switch 35000 fuel driven 2 wheelers to EV across four states, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. We are initiating our pilot from Amazon's Hyderabad Hub in the last week of February 2021. This is a good opportunity for Dao to capture these four states and then go Pan-India as per EV fleet conversion plan of Amazon India.

Our technology based turnkey solution that goes beyond marely just selling delivery EVs as products also makes our proposition very unique to Amazon and other E-commerce players like BigBasket, Amazon, Delhiivery, Grofers.

Dao's Technology based Fintech Platform brings with it a unique proposition for Delivery companies to ensure the shift from traditional fuel driven vehicle to Electric Vehicle as mandated by Government of India has further influenced the need and demand for Electric Delivery Vehicle (Example Delhi EV Policy mandates, 50% of the fleet conversion by 2023 and 100% of fleet conversion to EV by 2025).


Our Solution helps the E- commerce companies to engage with 3PL and build the fleet of delivery boys riding the DAO Delivery EV to be available at each of the delivery hubs. Our technology support will also reduce the running cost of delivery boys from Rs 20/km for Fuel-driven to Rs. 1/Km when it comes to EV.

To overcome the challenge of battery charging infrastructure not readily available, our solution comes with battery swappable solutions at each of the e-commerce delivery hubs and while they are on the move, battery swap solutions are possible at Kirana Stores, which a viable option in our plan. Our comprehensive delivery solutions is greatly appreciated by the Delivery and E-Commerce companies

Seeing the scale of growth to be 20 times at a Pan-India level, we have already taken steps to ensure quality and technology standards are maintained as key to our success.

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