lfp battery


Given India’s tropical weather conditions, it is imperative for the battery pack to offer high temperature resistance.

We are proud to acclaim that we are only using LFP battery at all our models

LFP batteries offer many advantages over the NMC batteries traditionally used in Electric Two-wheelers. These include:

High-temperature resistance:

Efficient heat dissipation for better thermal stability.Ideal for the hot tropical conditions in India.

Strong safety performance:

The smart Battery Management System(BMS) is a product of world-class engineering and top-grade materials used for production

Long life span:

LFP cells have a life-span of up to 3000 cycles or up to 5years.

Long life span:

LFP cells have a life-span of up to 3000 cycles or up to 5years.

Fast charge:

LFP is a fast battery charging solution to suit the requirements of users in the Indian market.

Vibration resistant:

The innovative design withstands vibrations so as to reduce wear and tear and prolong the battery life.

Fire resistant Battery

Enhanced thermal stability THERMOSAFE®

Lifecycle of over 3000 charges

In-built Overcharge Prevention Systems

Has high-temperature resistance

Offers strong safety performance

Has long life span

In-built Overcharge Prevention Systems


LFP batteries have a relatively larger size and weight. However, they have better resistance to high temperatures, strong safety rating, better performance, and longer life span.




NMC batteries have high energy density, are lightweight and offer better mileage but are not suitable to withstand high temperatures and also have a shorter life span.