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Service is an integral and indispensable part of the customer journey at Dao. We fully understand our customers who seek transportation solutions, which require us to exceed the expectations by not just providing a reliable product but also creating innovative services that enhance customer experiences.

Advanced on a combination of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and predictive maintenance algorithms, Our endeavor on providing excellence in service starts from data insights and analytics generated from connected vehicles.

Free service for life

Durable, best quality and simplicity of our genuine electric drive train will reduce the need for traditional maintenance parts and require fewer service visits which give us the privilege to provide free service for life to our customers.

Our Dealers become community centers where customers are treated as family members and they can come in anytime for a battery charge or for a quick maintenance, or just for a cup of tea and conversation. Instead of fraud and deception in overcharging customers for services rendered, our dealerships’ main focus will be on winning customer loyalty and providing the best experiences though out the customer journey.


Customers are entitled to know in advance how much they will be paying for their repairs &maintenance. We ensure customers can monitor their data on vehicle condition anytime and anywhere, which makes predictive maintenance and location-based services easier.

Dealers and repair centers are able to provide a quotation and update it prior to therepair and maintenance, which then is, shared real-time as information to the customer. During the services, every touch point is digitalized, integrated and paperless, from receiving the vehicle to repair and check out.


Our IoT enabled app shows a telematic code for any fault in the vehicle. This reveals the exact problem with the vehicle and its solution.

The IoT enabled app helps customers to diagnose vehicle problem and share the details with the Dealerships/Service centers nearby to get the best quotes and schedule appointments for getting their vehicle attended.


EV is still at a nascent industry in India. Working with global resources will not only mature the manufacturing capabilities, but will also bring in high standards and global best practices for after sales service.

Expert technicians from China with vast experience in repair and maintenance, train the local service teams to cater to every service need

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