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The Central Government of India and some State Governments are truly encouraging the development of Electric Vehicles (EV). The Central Government has an outlay of $1.4 billion through 2022 for FAME-II, and there are over ten states in India that have drawn up have final or draft EV policies to support the national electric mobility vision. EV investment also provides major economic stimulus to create jobs, reduce air pollution, and combat climate change in the COVID-19 economic downturn. Investment and purchase of EV by Government bodies will not only help implement the Central and State level policy, it will also demonstrate that the political leadership cares for the citizens and is facilitating a green future by:

Taking active measures to eradicate pollution

Being a role model to instill consumer awareness for adoption of Electric Vehicles

Save money in public budget on both ownership cost and maintenance cost of EV

Provide convenience and better public services for public

With stringent quality, strong commitment to the Make in India’ program and significantly lower costs compared to competitors, Dao is going out of its way to help the Government of India to achieve those goals with confidence and strong intent. Dao is reiterating its value as a local brand with global quality and brand resonance.

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