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Top 7 Key Benefits of Battery Swapping Technology

Swapping a battery takes only a couple of minutes, which eliminates drivers’ wait time. Conventional fast and slow charging could take anywhere from 2-6 hours, respectively, for a fully charged vehicle.

By using swapping technology, the battery can be separated from the vehicle and the owner is not required to own it. Instead, it can be owned by energy operators. These operators will offer a charged battery, in exchange for a depleted one, as service. The operators will purchase the batteries, charge them and lease them to EV owners at convenient battery swapping stations.


EV batteries lose range over the years. But with a swap system, users pay for electricity and batteries as they are used. That could mean lower upfront vehicle costs and increased driving range, as batteries improve.

Unlike with battery charging stations, the physical footprint of battery swapping is materially less since it’s more or less just a series of small storage compartments for batteries. Since most of the batteries for two or three-wheelers are in the 7-15 kg range, less physical space is required.


The possibilities for battery swapping placement are endless – it can be a restaurant, an ATM, a gym, supermarkets, stores, and a parking lot there’s no limitation.

Empty batteries that are swapped out can be charged when electricity is cheap or demand is low.

Fast charging and charging at high ambient temperature lead to degradation of the battery in due time. Whereas swapped batteries can be charged via slow charging in a controlled environment to prolong the battery life.

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