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How to maintain an electric scooter: Best Practice

The number of electric two-wheelers on Indian roads is steadily rising; in 2022, the Indian market had the industry’s greatest sales increase of 305%. Furthermore, overall sales of 615,365 units correspond to monthly average sales of 51,280 units, or 1,686 electric two-wheelers sold daily. That would be right; the key benefits of an EV, such as eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and cheaper maintenance, are the core driving factors behind this tremendous growth of the electric two-wheeler market.



Simple and frequent maintenance will improve the performance and life of your electric scooter Furthermore because E-two-wheelers are still in their infancy in India, service providers are limited, emphasizing the significance of DIY maintenance. Here are some helpful guidelines for maintaining your electric scooters:


1.Keep your electric scooter clean

Many electric scooter buyers think that electric scooters have many electric and electronic components so cleaning and washing can harm the battery or other components of the vehicle. However, it is not 100% correct, you just need to keep a few points in mind while cleaning or washing your e-scooter.

Here are some DON’Ts you have to keep in mind.

    a. Don’t use a high-pressure hose to wash your scooter, use a foam wash and use a gentle water bath to wash your scooter wipe it down with a clean cloth and after that let it dry.

    b. Don’t spray water directly on the Speedometer/display, battery, and motor, a simple wipe will do the job.

    c. Don’t take the scooter through water that is deeper than ½ foot.

An electric scooter should be completely cleaned at least once a week. Aside from that, make an effort to keep dirt and other sorts of debris away from the motor and belt. Dust can interfere with the motor and limit efficiency. This will result in numerous trips to the workshop. Keeping the scooter clean will improve its performance and extend its life.

2.Keep All Mechanical Components Lubricated

Along with electric and electronic components, an electric scooter also has mechanical components such as wheel bearings, brake levers, suspension, and so on. The varied weather conditions and dusty roads of India make lubrication vital for your electric scooters; the absence of lubrication can cause friction between mechanical parts, reducing the scooter’s performance and longevity.

If you are new and do not know how you can apply the lubricants then you must first learn the proper way of lubrication under the supervision of someone with technical knowledge. For this, you can take help from your e-scooter dealer’s service team.


3.Keep The Battery Maintained

The battery is one of the major and expensive components of any electric scooter, so it needs special care and regular checkups. Nowadays, a few electric scooter makers are providing the BMS (Battery Management System) with their products, making it easier to analyze the battery health and monitor charging cycles.


To get the most out of an electric vehicle, you must take adequate care of the battery. Please adhere to the guidelines given in the manufacturer’s handbook. Charge according to the instructions. Check that the wall socket provides the right electric supply and that the battery is not overcharged. Proper maintenance will ensure increased battery life and performance of the e-scooters.

4.Avoid Riding Rough Trains And Carrying Heavy Loads

Electric scooters like any other petrol scooters are made for city rides, with them you can commute to any part of the city.


Overloading will put more weight on the tires and makes the motor and battery work harder. This is acceptable in exceptional circumstances. Overloading and thrusting frequently, on the other hand, will result in an exhausted motor and battery, and you will notice a decline in performance and life. This also applies to tires and brakes. If you continue to overburden the scooter on a daily basis, their performance and life will be substantially decreased.


5.Always Park Your E-Scooter Safely

Because India has rough weather conditions in all three seasons, this is one of the most important aspects of maintaining an electric scooter. Before leaving your e-scooter at someplace for an extended period of time, be sure the parking location is secure. Here are some things to avoid when parking your e-scooter.


    a. In the summer, avoid parking your electric scooter in direct sunlight.

    b. Do not park your electric scooter in a low-lying region that might become flooded during the rainy season.

    c. If you are leaving your electric scooter for an extended period of time, such as 2-3 days or more, turn it off and disconnect the battery power.


Scooters are quite popular in India, and they are the first choice of every Indian since they are affordable to every middle-class household. However, people in India have been seeking alternatives to fuel automobiles for a long time owing to rising fuel prices. An electric scooter is a first and best alternative to a conventional vehicle since they are eco-friendly and simple to maintain; they only require regular maintenance and a little additional care to provide you with a green mobility solution for the long run.


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