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Free Service for Life



Policy for Customers

Dao Free Service for Life is designed for our customers who purchased the 703 Model. The free Service for Life concept will give peace of mind to Dao’s customers and at the same time, it will give a different experience of ownership to our valued customers.

DAO has full confidence in its vehicles, and it would like to share that confidence with our customers through this initiative. Customers are welcome to bring their 703 to your DAO dealerships, even if they require any service attention or just need to charge their 703.

*Terms and Conditions

  1. Free Service for Life is for all customers of DAO 703, who purchased the vehicle on or before 31st Dec 2022.
  2. For availing of Free service for Life, the customer is required to produce his vehicle at the dealership from where the vehicle was purchased.
  3. The customer has to pay for the spare parts only.
  4. If a part falls under the warranty as per DAO’s warranty policy then it will not be charged.
  5. Free Service for Life will not be applicable in case the vehicle is met with a collision or accident.
  6. The fitment of local accessories is not allowed & not covered under Free Service for Life.
  7. Washing is not covered on Free Service for Life. It will be on payment.
  8. In case of any disagreement, Dao’s decision will be binding.
  9. Dao has the sole right to change or amend Free Service for Life policy without prior notice.

*Legal compliance

Any dispute will be subjected to the jurisdiction of Pune.

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