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Logistics and Supplier Chain manager

Logistics and Supplier Chain manager

Roles and Responsibilities

Strategically plan and manage logistics through order to build model and work close with sales and manufacturing team Warehouse and stock management to achieve JIT supplier chain management

Keep track of quality, quantity, stock levels, delivery times, transport costs and efficiency

Coordinate with CFS, CHA and Transporters to negotiate service rates for logistic services

Plan & execute logistics operations from China to ports in India (FOB / Ex-Work mode)

Expertise in various transport options to include interactions with brokerages, carriers, taxes, import and export duties, HS Codes.

Calculating and processing duties and taxes to be paid

Meetings with Customs Officials in the application of tariff reclassification as appropriate and will assist with any appeals that are forthcoming

Desired Candidate Profile

5 years logistic and importing management experience Strong financial modeling and analytical skills

Familiar with order to build concept and work with production, sales for volume projection and procurement

Good people management and coordination skills Proficiency in detailing related to Sea Freight parameters and Shipping Documents is a must

Candidate must hold a MBA degree from a reputed educational institute

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